School Presentations & Talks - Manhattan & Brooklyn

I offer free presentations to educational staff and parenting workshops at various public and private schools in the New York City area. I have given talks to schools in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn and I tailor my talks to meet the unique needs of your school's population.

I am particularly committed to serving the lower Manhattan community.  Below is a list of recent talks I have given:

  • Reade Street Prep - "How Inattention Contributes to Emotional Dysregulation and what you can do about it."

  • P.S. 150 - "Deciphering Disruptive Behavior."

Other Services to Parents, Guidance Counselors & Teachers

For All children I work with, I also work closely with that child's school to coordinate care (I always obtain written permission from that child's parents to speak to the school). Upon request, I can also attend I.E.P (Individualized Education Program) meetings on behalf of the child to recommend specific supports and services. I also participate in school observations to assess children's problematic behaviors in the school setting.